1. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    Great, I have really enjoyed this review on SiteRubix, you seem to know everything about this website building platform and I can see from your review that it really looks so classic and great.

    I especially like the fact that it you said its very easy to follow when using it to build a website. Actually I’m a newbie to online business and even website building, but reading this article on SiteRubix has really encouraged me, you have helped me to know that I can have my own website created within just five minutes.

    The fact that its free to join the platform and start alone tells me that I have gotten what I was looking for for. I am going to sign up and see just how this work out for me.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me.

    • Alexander

      Thanks for the feedback Stephen, I am glad to see that you signed up for SiteRubix. Please update me in future comments how the journey with SiteRubix is going.

  2. Neil

    As a SiteRubix user myself, I can tell you that’s it’s the best website platform I’ve ever used, and especially since it ties in just nicely with WordPress. 🙂

    When I first started out as an internet marketer, I had no idea on how to start a blog from scratch until I came across SiteRubix.

    It’s come a long way since 2013 because so many amazing features and services have been added to the builder for creating an awesome experience for both bloggers and website visitors.

    I really do love that Siterubix now offers an even faster user experience through powerful hosting, has a built-in security and spam blocker (which means no more speed/security WordPress plugins need installing, and especially has “HTTPS” enabled for keeping up with Google’s changes and achieving higher rankings. 😉

    Any newbie wanting a WordPress website should definitely use SiteRubix. It’s a no-brainer.


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