1. Arta

    Thank you for the valuable article. I do hope it will help many people to avoid scams and losing their money. I was surprised though that there are several serious organizations to fight the scams but still, there are so many of them online. Besides that, there is a lot of information and options to find information on these scams, but still, so many people fall for them.

    • Alexander

      Arta that is a sad fact that people fall for scams everyday. That is why I included a ‘Report A Scam’ section in the article to direct people to the resources to seek justice. I am sure that with time more people will come to this article and tells others about it. Thank you for the comment and good luck in your online journey.

  2. Ilias

    Hi Alexander, I heard some days ago about advance fee scams and I was curious to learn more.

    Thanks for the information, they have sent me emails before about business opportunities from people that I had never subscribed to their lists. I do not know if they are in this category of scams but the process looks familiar.

    • Alexander

      Thank you llias for the comment. if you would like more information on what type of scam you may have, You can simply go back to that page and click on he ‘HERE’ click in the Report A Scam section. That link will direct you to a page called Report A Scam. I posted links to goverrnment agencies so you can find out what scam you have.

      Thanks for the comment and good luck in your online journey.

  3. Barb

    Hi! Thanks so much for refreshing my memory on this scam.

    This Nigerian scam has been around for years. I still can’t believer that people fall for it. I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and this guy ( A doctor too. So you would think he’d know better.) fell for this Nigerian scam and sent almost one million dollars to this scammer.

    I don’t know. What’s wrong with people? Why is it you think that people still get sucked in by these scammers?

    • Alexander

      Thank you Barb for your comment. I agree that it’s hard to believe that people still fall for it. That is why i posted that article so that people can find out what it is and hopefully not get scammed. Feel free to tell people about the post, help spread awareness. I look forward to your future comments.

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