1. Hey, Alexander,
    Your review is quite fulfilling and well organized!

    I must admit that highlighting the “Subject to Change” aspect of Amazon is really something that i dare to say none of the reviews out there mention.

    It’s something people should know, so they can be ready to face changes once they’re Amazon affiliates.

    A great read indeed 🙂

    • Thank you I am glad it helped you out. If you know anyone who’s thinking about joining their program, please send them here. Thanks again for the comment. -Alexander

  2. Thanks for the information on the hazards of amazon. I am a beginner and I am currently using them. Hopefully I can qualify for other programs soon to avoid any problems with amazon.

    • Alexander

      Thanks for the feedback Jamie I am glad that my review has helped you. Amazon is a good place for affiliates who are experienced and don’t mind if the rules change. Like the review says your success at Amazon is subject to change.

  3. Hi Alexander,

    I visit your website to search for information on SEO because I am in the infancy stage of building my website. It is really comprehensive and a big help! I don’t have to go hunting all over for information. Just before I clicked away, I was drawn to your post on Amazon affiliate because it is something I want to explore. Your article did not discourage me but I am glad to know in advance that I should be aware of Amazon’s approved marketing regulations to avoid being banned. I definitely should look into that before jumping in. Do you have a blog post on that, by any chance or a link I should check out?

    • Alexander

      Thanks for the feedback Jude I am glad to hear that you found my Amazon information useful. I have just updated by Amazon Associates Review to include links to Amazon’s Affiliate Operating Agreement (Amazon rules to follow) and a link to a video presentation that walks you through how to succeed using the Amazon Associate platform.

      Thank you for the comments Jude, feel free to comment on this site anytime.

      Please continue to comment, ask questions and refer people to this site.

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