1. Stephen

    Great friend,

    You have taught me a lot today, in fact I never knew that I have to keep my Meta Tags under 65 and even my description below 150 words. That is a very informative idea you have given me.

    I have also learned to create a content that is original and engaging and I think I have to really work hard in doing that since it will help me to get me visitors stay on my site which in turn will lead to better ranking in Google.

    You talked about the website speed and I think it is about time I check that, especially with my mobile device to see how responsive it is when loading on a mobile phone.

    I am also going to create my G+ account right from here so that I can quickly get index by google and even be able to get better Ranking.
    Thank you so much for sharing with me this article. I really appreciate it.

    • Alexander

      Thanks for the feedback Stephen I am glad to hear that you took action and are working on improving your SEO.  Improving SEO is so important to the success of your site. Thanks again for the feedback and feel free to comment in the future.

  2. Erisa

    I gained some very good knowledge today thanks to your article.. I learned many things I needed to learn.I have bookmarked this post because I would probably have to read it again and take action.. You have done a good job and I am glad for that.. Keep up the good work!

    • Alexander

      Thanks your input Erisa. I am glad to hear that this article has helped you. White Hat Techniques are the only way to succeed with an online business and I am glad you are learning the right way to succeed online.

      If you have any questions regarding SEO please post them in the comments and I will be happy to answer them. Have a good day and thanks for posting a comment.

  3. Lee

    Thanks for the great post, there’s a lot of information I can take from this. First thing I am going to do is link my google+ account with the SEO plug in.

    Before finding wealthy affiliate I was following YouTube channels and I can see now how they were encouraging black hat SEO tactics. Although being new to affiliate marketing I sensed that this wasn’t the best approach. Thankfully since finding WA I feel more comfortable with the route I am taking and I believe the methods they teach are the best for long term success.

    • Alexander

      Awesome comment Lee,

      A lot of youtube ‘marketers’ out there teach Black Hat SEO tactics to newbies, but they fancy it up to appear to be White Hat SEO tactics. I am glad that you figured out they where Black Hat before you got too far into your online journey.

      WA is a great program that teaches you the real tools and training you need for long term success online. I am glad to hear that you are linking your G + account to your SEO plugin. This will help Google to see you faster and rank you easier.

      I am glad to know that this article was helpful to you. if you have any other questions about SEO feel free to leave them in the comments.

  4. Cathy

    Hi there, I just tested my site using Google PageSpeed Insights and found both the scores to be 75/100. There are a few jargon here that I don’t understand.

    1/ Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript in above-the-fold content
    2/ Optimize images
    3/ Leverage browser caching

    What does all this means and how can I go about fixing them? Thanks for your help.

    • Alexander

      Hello Cathy,

      I will answer your questions as follows:

      1) Here is an article that will help you to resolve this issue https://kinsta.com/blog/elimin

      2) Make sure you have EWWW Image Optimizer plug in installed and updated. This plugin helps to fully optimize your images to improve your sites speed.

      3) They want you to keep visitor’s history. Since the Privacy Page you created stated that your website ‘does not use cookies’. You would have to change your privacy policy and add a plugin that cashes browser history. although by doing that you could hurt your sites speed as well.

      This site does not leverage and it scored a 90/100. I recommend you decide what is best for your site and your site’s needs. Then you can go from there.

      I hope I have helped answer your questions. If not please let me know. Have a good day.

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