1. Dave

    Black Hat is something I’ve never heard of but having read your post, I understand it now. But isn’t there a White Hat too? Is that the opposite? so being genuine and helpful?
    Also with so many people online blogging about the same thing, surely duplicate or rehashed or seen content is going got happen at some point in the journey.

    • Alexander

      Hello Dave,

      Thank you for posting your questions and comments. There are White Hat SEO tactics to use as well. I left a link to view them in the content you just read. White Hat SEO is ‘following the rules’ when it comes to content creation and engagement of visitors.

      It is about finding ways to create unique and engaging content that grabs your visitors and leads to a greater overall experience. White Hat SEO is loved by search engines and they rank material that ‘follows the rules’.

      Over time the same material does get ‘brought up’ however there is a difference between ‘rehashing’ and ‘creating’ content. If 1 person created a ‘Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs Of 2017’ that would be ‘creating content’. Rearranging the order of the programs and using the same links along with the content that is ‘rehashing’ according to Google.

      Make sense?

      if not please explain what parts you are stuck on and I will be happy to walk you through the parts you are stuck on.

      Have a good day.

  2. Frank

    Great article. I knew that there were things we should not do to try to improve our SEO, but this was much more in depth than I realized. I was really only aware of the keyword stuffing.

    I learned a lot from this posting of yours and I am sure that many others will do the same. You information is very educational and helpful to all of us that are trying to improve our websites and our rankings.

    Thank you so much for your information.

    • Alexander

      Thanks for the comment Frank.

      There are many activities that are classified as ‘black hat seo’ and it is important to know which ones are good and which are bad. I appreciate that this information has helped you to improve your site and content’s ranking abilities.

      If there is any activity that you think might be Black Hat you can always ask in the comments below. I would be happy to clarify what is Black Hat and what is White Hat SEO.

      Have a good day.

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