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Becoming successful online is a great experience and a wonderful feeling, however in order to get to that point a lot of people have to ‘get scammed’.

Up to 90% Get Scammed

The sad fact is, is that close to 90% of people who achieve online success do get scammed at some point in that process. At any stage it sucks, it takes money, time and resources from you and your online business.

Avoid Online Income Scams

This site is focused on helping you learn ways of Earning, Making & Saving Money online. A great way to save money is to avoid scams. However there are a lot of scams out there and the scammers change their tactics so frequently that it is nearly impossible to pinpoint all of the scams or their websites.

Know The Scams

There are a lot of scams out there and you have to know what they are, how they operate, and how to report them. First let’s talk about the ‘List of 26’.

‘List Of 26’

This list contains the most common and most successful scams in the U.S. today. These scams find new victims everyday and this site has decided to do something about it.

This site has created a list of these 26 scams and each article goes in depth on the scam.

To begin learning about the scams on the list just click ‘List Of 26’.

Where To Report Them

Once you have an idea of what scams are out there you need to be able to know how and where to report them and that is where the article ‘Report A Scam‘ comes in.

That article has information on how and where to report scams with DIRECT Links to U.S. Federal agencies that deal with scams on a daily basis.

Affiliate Marketing Scams

Along with knowing scams and where to report them you also have to learn that some affiliate marketing ‘products/services’ are straight up scams.

Which is why this site also does affiliate marketing product/service reviews. These reviews are located on the 2 side menus to the right of the content.

Legitimate Programs = Legit Programs

Scam Programs = Scams

Scams Are Predictable

Humans are predictable and scams are no different. These scams; like their creators; have a natural ability to influence, convince and even in some instances out right rob you, BUT you hand over your money willingly!

Scams Feature Common Red Flags

Most scams that people encounter today revolve around simple themes that have been around a long time. These themes frequently take the form of the following:

  • Make Money Online NOW
  • Earn Money Online FREE
  • Make Money Online FAST
  • & More

Along with common and simple themes, scams frequently have common signs that give them away. Most people would like know…

What Are The Signs?

Below I have a Top 10 List Of Signs that are fairly common to most scams out there today.

Top 10 Signs Of An ‘Online Income Scam’

(1) The Scam Targets Desperate People

This is a big giveaway that it maybe a scam. Scammers pray on people who NEED a solution RIGHT now to a problem. That problem maybe cancer, bankruptcy, foreclosure, help paying bills, tax relief, need of additional job to name a few.

If the site you are on is targeting desperate people like those above, be aware.

(2) They Use A ‘Video Only’ Sales Pagetop 10 signs of an online income scam

If you click on a site that says ‘Cancer Cure From Grapes’ and all you get a video, with no content, be like Forest Gump and RUN!

Scammers create these 2-3 minute long videos with ‘hand drawings’ and ‘animated people’ to make you feel good.

(3) No Method Of Contact On The Site

When a company or a person makes a website to sell a product ALWAYS look for a contact page or a ‘contact us’ page.

This is important not just for you, but also for the company or person who set it up. Especially If there’s a problem with the product or service that needs to be addressed.

If you can’t find a contact page or a way to contact the company or person, LEAVE!

(4) Contact Page Is There, But Limited Or NO Response.

Some Scammers have gotten smart and do have a ‘contact us’ page. Test it out, send them an email asking about the product, ask specific questions.

If they don’t respond within 48 hours DON’T BUY! If they do respond, but it is not ‘proper English’ or is contains out right lies like, ‘We don’t have to give you a refund within 72 hours.’ LEAVE!

(5) No Means Of Support For The Product Or Service

If you get a product or service from a website and it breaks down you have a right to support. If the product or service is truly real or ‘legit’ the person or company will provide support for it and will be happy to do so! They want a customer to be happy and return again to purchase another product right.

Send an email to the person or to company asking about the support that is offered for it. If you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours LEAVE and AVOID that product or service.

(6) A 30-60 Day ‘Guarantee’online income scam

If the website constantly talks about a ’30 day guarantee’ or ’60 day guarantee’ that’s HUGE RED FLAG! Now if it’s mention once or twice at the beginning or end that’s fine, but if you get the ‘guarantee’ in every other sentence, not good!

“Why would they need to assure you it’s good every ten seconds?”

(7) FAKE or Scammy-Looking  Pictures

If you come to a website that talks about making money online and there is nothing but 100 room mansions, muscle cars, or someone ‘chilling’ by the beach in Hawaii on a laptop. It is very likely a scam.

Just ask yourself:

“Why would a company need to post these pictures like this?”

The answer is they lack credibility and they know it. They also know that ‘flashy’ pictures attract desperate people. So if you see pictures like that RUN!

(8) Constant Upsells To Achieve ‘Success”

This is a tactic used by smart scammers. They lure in with a product pitch of ‘$17 Secret Market Training’, so you buy it. Great, but then the flood gates of ‘offers’ open and you are flooded with offers that ‘you need’ to complete the ‘$17 Secret Market Training’.

“Wouldn’t a legit company just offer all the products in one and sell it for $199”

The answer is YES!

That is why I promote products or services that don’t require upfront payments like Wealthy Affiliate.

(9) Outrageous Claims or Testimonials Of ‘Success’fake client testimonials

People are more likely to buy a product if there is ‘proof’ of success in some form or another. The most common forms are ‘testimonials’. Now legit sites have these as well, but they don’t have the ‘I got $2,000 the first day!’ or the ‘I made $14k on one sale!’. You can’t achieve overnight on first day success unless you’re the scammer.

(10) Promotion By Outside GURU!

This is a DEAD giveaway to that it’s a scam, how? Well when a person who does not own the product or have any ‘vested interest'(no membership or proof they participate) promotes something they get paid or that site promotes their product.

This is a ‘promote my stuff, I’ll promote your stuff’ scam, because in some cases the products are made and owned by the SAME SCAMMER!.

Where Do I Report Scams?

If you are the victim of a scam or know someone who is, please click HERE. The link will send you to a article with information & U.S. Government links to help you report a scam.

It is important to not only know what scams they are out there but where and how to report scams. That information is also included in the link above.

Recap and Researchresearch affiliate marketing

Another thing you can do to avoid or even detact a scam is RESEARCH the website online, use google. Google loves to be helpful and simply copying and pasting the site into the search engine could save you $$$$!

Research Wealthy Affiliate

I recommend researching Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested in being successful online. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here and go from there. It is an amazing community of over 900,000 people dedicated to helping you succeed online.

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